About Us

Kaptaruny Art Village is a multicultural place for art festivals, residencies and educational program.

Kaptaruny is located at the crossroads of four cultures: Belarusian, Lithuanian, Polish and Jewish. Geographically it is situated at the very border between Belarus and Lithuania (200 km from Minsk, 50 km — from Vilnius and 9 km — from the town of Lyntupy), moreover it also borders on three Belarusian regions. From the cultural perspective, it is a distinctive area with rich cultural, historical and religious heritage, however because of the border that divided it, it has become a lost Lyntupy land. Numerous monuments of pagan culture (cemeteries) can be found in the area, a monument to the riot of 1861. The events of Prosper Merimee’s novel «Lokis» (a were bear) took place exactly here. Around Kaptaruny the first Belarusian horror-movie «Massacre» was shot.

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A few years ago Belarusian cultural and social activists began to purchase abandoned rural houses with the land plots that surrounded them in order to establish there an artistic community. On August 22, 2015 the pARTisan art-house hosted the first informal art festival A Straw Paradise, which actually launched the official art life of the village.

The border may stand for something that unites us. We are different, and let it be a reason to get together.


  • a bridge of cultures
  • a place of interest
  • a community of people
  • a space for free thinking

Welcome to Kaptaruny!

Our contacts: arturklinau@gmail.com, offa.chel@gmail.com