A Bridge of Cultures

Located at the crossroads of four cultures: Belarusian, Lithuanian, Polish and Jewish. Geographically it is situated at the very border between Belarus and Lithuania

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A Place of Interest

From the cultural perspective, it is a distinctive area with rich cultural, historical and religious heritage

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A Community of People

A few years ago Belarusian cultural and social activists began to purchase abandoned rural houses with the land plots that surrounded them in order to establish there an artistic community

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A Space for free thinking

We create a place where everybody can represent his- or herself. We are different, and let it be a reason to get together

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Ales Harbul

Mikhail Hulin

Artur Klinau

Tania Arcimovic

SP Kava

Art House Kaptaruny

Multiculturalism, pagan temples and art: a unique opportunity to relax in an almost unspoilt location Belarus

Kaptaruny Sound Landscape Museum

Sound artist Anton Sorokin launches «55.110688 / 26.262903» — Kaptaruny Sound Landscape Museum. Kaptaruny Art Village begins to sound.