Person | 04.09.2016

Artur Klinau


Founder of Kaptaruny Art Village. Artist, writer, publisher and a chief editor of the media project «pARTisan».

Born in Minsk, Belarus in 1965. In 1987 he graduated from the architecture department of the Belarusian Polytechnic Academy. An active member of a non-conformist art movement in Belarusian art in the 80ies. A founder of one of the first informal art groups in Belarus «Association BLO» ( 1987). Participated in about a hundred group exhibitions abroad, as well as had 30 personal ones.

In 2012 he represented Belarus at the 54th International Venice Biennale with the straw project «The Last Supper».

In 2006 he wrote the book «Sonnenstadt der Traume» (Surhkamp Verlag, Berlin), later translated in Polish, Swedish, Hungarian, and Russian languages. Author of the novels «Shalom. A War novel» (publishing house «Lohvinau», 2011, a short-listed candidate for Giedroyc Award in 2012 / Belarus), translated in Russian and German, and «Shklatara» (publishing house «Lohvinau», 2013, a laureate of Giedroyc Award in 2014 / Belarus).

Since 2009 Klinau has been working in film industry: an art director of the mystical thriller «Massacre» (Belarusfilm, 2010), «Hard Reboot» (2014); a screen writer of the mystical thriller «Nobleman Zawalnia» (2010).